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SAQA US ID: 262747
NQF Level: 2
Duration: 1 Weeks
Recertification: 1 Day
License Renewal: 1 Day

MON-SAT 8:00-9:00

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A Front End Loader or Wheel Loader is a heavy equipment machine used to move aside or load materials into or onto another type of machinery such as a dump truck 1

The main functions of a front end loader are explained in terms of the manufacturer’s specifications. The applications of a front end loader are described in terms of earthmoving activities 2.

  • What is a bulldozer?
  • Different makes of bulldozer
  • Explain dozer functions per specs.
  • Describe dozer applications.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are compulsory Bulldozer training requirements for safety purposes. Learners joining the Bulldozer training course will prove competence in communication and mathematical literacy at NQF Level 1. National ID/passport is required and a code 10 driver’s license. Your CV is necessary for job assistance. It will be presented to potential employers and recruitment agencies after your Bulldozer operator course. An old copy of the Bulldozer license and certificate of competence is required for the license renewal or refresher course.

  • The main functions of a Bulldozer and all its major components is explained.
    Identify safety features and Interpret dozer warnings
    Application of Bulldozer in earthmoving activities.
    Explain operating capacities.
  • Pre-start and Pre-operational checks
  • Using the daily checklist to check the bulldozer for safe operation in the workplace
  • Reporting any defects discovered during the daily checks.
  • Completing bulldozer log books and check sheets accurately and correctly.
  • Repairs and servicing
  • Safe maintenance procedures
  • Personal safety (PPEs)
  • Discussing bulldozer safety and how it affects the driving of a bulldozer in the workplace
  • Identifying hazards to avoid injuries and accidents
  • Batteries and tyre safety
  • Safety of other personnel
  • Site operational requirements.
  • Selecting of required equipment to perform the work activity.
  • Inspection and preparation of work area.
  • Perform pre-op checks.
  • Conduct daily/weekly maintenance.
  • Follow start/shutdown procedures.
  • Park dozer as required.
  • Document dozer hours.
  • Report maintenance/faults.
  • Explain control purposes.
  • Safe driving practices 
  • Demonstrate control functions.
  • Explain safety signs.
  • Monitor dozer performance.
  • Operate safely and per specs.
  • Explain loading methods.
  • Describe securing methods.
  • Obeying all site rules
  • Being a team player
  • Being able to communicate
  • Being able to identify and solve problems
  • Having the correct and positive attitude
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • Guidelines for Driven Machinery Regulations


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