DUMP TRUCK. 777 R 7000

We are MJ Mining Skills Training College
SAQA US ID: 262731
NQF Level: 2
Credits: 10
Duration: 1 Week
Recertification: 1 Day
License Renewal: 1 Day

MON-SAT 8:00-9:00

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A dump truck is a truck used for transporting loose material (such as sand, gravel, or dirt) for construction. 1 It is typically used in open-pit mining. 2  A rigid body  dump truck is commonly called triple 7 dump truck or 777.  After this dump truck operator training course, you will be able to operate a rigid body dump truck by understanding the functions of starting, shutting down, and operating procedures.

  • What is a rigid body dump truck
  • Different makes of dump trucks
  • Functions of a 777 dump truck
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are compulsory dump truck training requirements for safety purposes. 
  • Learners joining the 777 dump truck operator course will prove competence in communication and mathematical literacy at NQF Level 1. 
  • National ID/passport is required and a code 14 driver’s license. 
  • Your CV is necessary for job assistance. It will be presented to potential employers and recruitment agencies after your 777 dump truck operator course. 
  • An old copy of the dump truck license and certificate of competence is required for the license renewal or refresher course.
  • The main functions of a rigid body dump truck and all its major components is explained. 
  • Safety features and warning devices.
  • Application of 777 dump truck in earthmoving activities.
  • Maximum operating capacities of trucks.
  • Pre-start and Pre-operational checks
  • Using the daily checklist to check the triple 7 dump truck for safe operation in the workplace
  • Reporting any defects discovered during the daily checks.
  • Completing 777 dump truck log books and check sheets accurately and correctly.
  • Repairs and servicing
  • Safe maintenance procedures
  • Personal safety (PPEs)
  • Discussing dump truck safety and how it affects the driving of a dump truck in the workplace
  • Identifying hazards to avoid injuries and accidents
  • Batteries and tyre safety
  • Safety of other personnel
  • Site operational requirements.
  • Selecting of required equipment to perform the work activity.
  • Inspection and preparation of work area.
  • Daily and weekly operator maintenance
  • Start-up and shutdown procedures
  • Parking of rigid body dump truck
  • 777 dump truck hours are documented
  • Reporting of maintenance and faults
  • Functions of the various controls 
  • Safe driving practices 
  • Operational hazards
  • Truck performance monitoring
  • Dumping load safely
  • Working on slopes
  • Towing
  • Load securing or transportation.
  • Getting off the machine
  • Obeying all site rules
  • Being a team player
  • Being able to communicate
  • Being able to identify and solve problems
  • Having the correct and positive attitude
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • Guidelines for Driven Machinery Regulations
  • National Road Traffic Act


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